Susan McCracken


Tattoo You

Mary MoulderComment

I thought it would be fun to create some pieces inspired by vintage tattoo designs.  That way those of us who don't want to commit to the real thing on our bodies, can commit instead to the real thing on our walls!  The end results can be viewed on the Limited Edition page.

Bullet Proof

Mary MoulderComment

This window came to me from Grant Park in need of repair.  Can you see the bullet hole in the top right hand side? 

First I removed the border and took the panel apart piece by piece.  Many of the glass pieces needed to be soaked (for three days) to remove layers and layers of reckless trim painting.   I cut new pieces to replace the broken pieces.  

Then I put it back together again!

A Chapel

Mary MoulderComment

22 Feet Wide x 6 Feet High.  Installed at the Cancer Treatment Center of American in Newnan, GA.

This project was commissioned by the Cancer Treatment Center of American in Newnan, GA for their chapel.  The Center wanted the images to be positive.  Together we decided on an outdoor theme, one which portrayed the movement and life that exists in nature.   

Here are the progress shots from pattern...

... to the finished window.

Owl and Bear and Loon

Mary MoulderComment

These pieces were commissioned by Argosy Gastro Pub, inspired by Charley Harper's works of art.

Each panel is a combination of painted and stained glass.  The details such as the veins in the leaves and the eyes on the owl and loon are hand-painted by Susan.

It was hard to get a great picture of these pieces installed, but here they are!